Financial Services

Heritage and Legacy Financial Services Ltd [HLFS] was formed to operate as a Tier 2 money lending company as stipulated by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) in direct response to an identified opportunity in the financial services sector to provide commercial credit to budding businesses in the informal sector. The majority of  such businesses have either lacked access to credit or lack customized financial services.

These businesses have been largely marginalized and disadvantaged whilst the focus of the traditional banks and lending institutions have concentrated on the formal sectors.

HLFS was formed to identify, nurture and provide finance to selected  but promising informal businesses aimed at developing them into fully fledged businesses through a set of specially engineered customized financial services. HLFS  will access and advise businesses on modalities for expansions. The key driver of HLFS’s operations will be its interpersonal and flexible disbursement and repayment schemes that seeks to eliminate stress on the client’s  businesses .
The informal sector of the Ghanaian economy has been identified as a major area of intensified economic activities. For Ghana to achieve broad-based accelerated development, ways have to be found to deliver sustainable source of commercial credit to the sector. In a developing economy such as Ghana, it has rightly been said that the informal sector constitutes the real national economy.

For real economic take off, loans and finance schemes for the informal sector needs to be looked at from a completely different lenses, this is where Heritage and Legacy Financial Services comes in.

The primary objective is to nurture informal businesses into fully grown formal entities through a flexible loan acquisition and repayment arrangements that eliminates stress.